‘Tortured, Imprisoned’ Israeli-Arabs Win Massive Lawsuit Against Palestinian Authority

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Following a verdict issued by the Jerusalem District Court, $3.61 million has been confiscated from the Palestinian Authority by Israel, Hebrew-language Maariv newspaper reported on Thursday.

The petitioners are members of the Arab-Israeli community who currently reside in the West Bank. Their original complaints accused the Palestinian Authority of wrongful arrest under suspicion of collaborating for Israel, according to the report.

Judge Moshe Drori said in his verdict that the PA never possessed the jurisdiction to put these citizens in jail. The arrests and imprisonments, the judge said, violated the citizens’ right to liberty, and therefore should be compensated by the Palestinian Authority.

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  1. Poster #1, are you serious? You don’t know what took so long? I’m surprised at you!
    The reason is because Hamas and the PA are such special dedicated people that at first, the court couldn’t accept the case against them.


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