Tosher Rebbe’s Great-Grandson Arrested at Ben Gurion for IDF Defection

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tosher-rebbeA 19 year old chosson was arrested at Ben Gurion Airport for army defection. The bochur is the great-grandchild of the late Tosher Rebbe zt”l and was scheduled, along with his family, to spend Yomim Tovim with the new Rebbe in Canada, Kikar reports.

The IDF police arrested him at the airport and he was incarcerated in an army prison. His family went on their flight as scheduled, reports Kikar.

Yahadut haTorah Knesset members are working to release him. Kikar HaShabbat spoke to family members who reported that since the chosson holds Canadian citizenship, the family involved the Canadian authorities to help release him.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Is the blood of this bochur and redder or any holier than the blood of the tens of thousands of other 19 year old Jewish boys who go into harms way to watch over Eretz Yisrael and Am Yisrael?

  2. #1 I would add that his blood comes indeed from the Tosher Rebbe a holy tzadik may his merit protect us. If this boy isn’t in the IDF army but in the learning Thora army which is Israel’s real strength than he is doing his job of protecting all Jews across the globe.

  3. 1. Yes, I am serving in the IDF, as are my sons and sons-in-laws.
    2. Julie: You are no different than the Kapos of World War II. They sent their fellow Jews to death so that they could protect their own lives.


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