TOUCHING: Watch How Morah Rivki Zaklas of Bryansk City, Russia, Greets Her Students at the Or Avner School



  1. This is beyond the boundaries of Halacha,Tznius,and Hashkafa! Who was matir such behavior? I ask respectfully to please delete this. Thank you

    • I am מוחה בתוקף that you changed my comment.

      The comment was ‘What a Kiddish Lubavitch!’

      Please change it back to what it was originally, or remove it altogether.

  2. Everybody calm down .

    These kids appear to be below the age of 9 . (And not that religious) . If this loving approach brings these kids closer to Yiddishkeit … so be it .

    In any event :
    מוטב שיהיו שוגגים ואל יהיו מזידים

  3. Bottom line: take from this what works for you but as a teacher, the overwhelming lesson to me was that we can customize things to suit what meets the comfort zone of each child while still accomplishing the overall goal, that’s astounding. Each child was greeted in a fashion that felt warm and comfortable to them at the moment. We can take this and adapt it in may areas in our classrooms. I teach boys over 9 and can’t touch them and yet the video was super inspirational and a teaching moment for me. You can reach each one if you speak their individual “language “.


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