Traces Of Coronavirus Found On Frozen Seafood Packaging

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Live traces of the coronavirus were found on frozen seafood packages in a Chinese city that recently suffered an outbreak of the deadly disease, the government’s health officials said.

The discovery was made amid an investigation into the recent cluster of COVID-19 cases in Qingdao.

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  1. What was the coronavirus they found on the packagaing? stink? blood clots?
    Last week they found coronavirus in Esav’s leftover lentil soup.

    • Please help yourself to stink, blood clots and long expired Esav’s leftover lentil soup. You can also add some frozen seafood packaging for added taste. I’ll cook something else instead.
      Who needs frozen food these days, anyway? It’s not like we need to rush out of the home.

    • Because you’re farkoft on fake news. If you believe Chinese news source, I have a vintage bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.


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