THANKS, BIDEN: Trade Deficit Rises To Record $71.1 Billion In February

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The U.S. trade deficit rose to its highest monthly level on record in February, hitting $71.1 billion, a 4.8 percent from the previous record set in January.

While trade activity was generally lower than in the previous month, the level of exports fell nearly three times as much as the level of imports.

The figures for 2021 thus far are a whopping 68.6 percent higher than the first two months of last year, before the pandemic took hold.

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    • Something tells me that you aren’t saying the same thing about the Corona vaccine.

      (I’ve met liberals who sincerely believe that the corona vaccines were developed under the Biden administration and that Trump just ignored Corona. Biden came in and brought the situation under control. He oversaw the development of a vaccine, ordered them in a sufficient amount to give to everyone oversaw a prompt distribution, except for of course in black neighborhoods where discrimination didn’t allow it , or some other obstacle put in place by Trump etc.)

  1. They are so desperate to portray him as senile and unsuccessful and yet Biden keeps winning . Trump ratings were very low for his newsmax interview. You would think a jewish news website would pick up the story how he trump had to pay back 122,000,000 to his followers. People might think there is a pilitical bent to this website. Not conservative but political. There is a difference.

  2. To: Presidential Alert:
    Obviously your enjoying your sojourn in “Alice’s Wonderland”; in the company of FORMER, has been, one-term, President Donald J. Trump!!
    Sleep Tight!! “Ah Bee Gezunt”.
    When you wake up; don’t forget “Nagel Wasser” before you finally enter Reality. LOL.

  3. trade deficit means nothing about the was a made up deluded focus of trumps because Trump is a imbecile.

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