Traffic Alert for Those Traveling to and from Lakewood

3 wishes to advise anyone traveling to and from Lakewood, NJ, for Shabbos to avoid driving on Route 9, as miles of the highway still have only one lane plowed and delays are extensive.

Today, Friday, is a relatively short day, with Shabbos beginning shortly after 4 o’clock in the Tri-State area.

As an alternative to Route 9, motorists heading into Lakewood may take the Garden State Parkway South to exit 98, and then follow signs to I-195W and exit at 31A, which is Route 547/Squankum Road and leads right into Lakewood after several miles.

For those leaving Lakewood, Squankum Road leading to I-195 has been a traffic nightmare at certain times this week, requiring 4-5 light changes or more for motorists to cross the intersection of Old Tavern Road and Lakewood Farmingdale Road (at the end of Squankum Road) just south of the exit to I-195. Travelers may wish to consider taking alternate routes to the Garden State Parkway by entering at other entrance points near Lakewood. One alternative is to take County Line Road east to the end. Make a left, continuing until Burnt Tavern Road, and follow signs to the Garden State Parkway North. Also, especially for those living on the south side of town, one can enter the Parkway at the Cedar Bridge Avenue/Airport Road entrance ramp.

Regardless, leave extra time for traveling, as tomorrow is New Year’s Day, January 1, and traffic is expected to be heavy throughout the day today.

{ Lakewood News Desk}


  1. As of 8:00 AM Friday, Route nine south has two lanes open coming into Lakewood. The backups all the way to the 195 of the last few days should be over. The tractors were out in full force today all over route nine north and south clearing a second lane.

  2. Another alternate if you are already on route nine south in old bridge. You can take Route 18 south (exit on left) to Route 34 south to the 195 West to Squankum (547 south exit 31A).
    It usually takes 30 minutes from Route 18 to Lakewood.


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