TRAFFIC NIGHTMARE: Gridlock Expected Heading to the Catskills for Shabbos Nachamu, Coincides with Woodstock Celebration

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Those traveling to the Catskills for Shabbos Nachamu or visiting day may want to leave on Thursday State Police are warning motorists to expect unusually long delays on state Route 17 and 17B in Sullivan County coinciding with the 50th anniversary celebration of the Woodstock Festival at the Bethel Woods Center for the Arts starting Thursday Aug. 15 and lasting through Aug. 18.

Police said traffic is expected to be particularly heavy on state Route 17 west between the the New York State Thruway tolls in Harriman and exit 104 on to state Route-17b in Monticello.

Authorities said they expect peak traffic for westbound lanes is anticipated between the hours of 1 pm and 7 p.m. and eastbound between the hours of 11 p.m. and 2 a.m. each day of the celebration.

Police said Motorists are encouraged to make alternate travel plans and avoid unnecessary travel during these hours on all four days of this anniversary concert weekend.

Police said heavy traffic on state Route 17 at exit 104 westbound may necessitate detours being put into place and motorists should be aware of alternate routes and plan for the detours and heavy traffic. HefkerVelt


  1. Seems like the woodstock promoters are not just “arailim”. They must be be sponsored by the heimish investors and they told them: No concert during the three weeks. Nu. Yeedin darfen machen ah parnooseh.

  2. Unfortunately I won’t be having such problems. Halivuy I did. My Tisha Bi’av has been extended. Nobody invited me upstate for Shabbos Nachamu. All the people I called turned me down. I will be spending another Nachamu stuck in my basement here in the City. While everyone is enjoying their Shabbos upstate, I’ll stay here all depressed. I’m worthless. Thanx for nothing.

  3. Aye. Farbitit.

    Nachaim! Nachaim. Nachaim.

    Just move upstairs for Shabbos Nachamu.
    Living in your landlord’s pad should be more exciting then spending a shabbos in a bungalow (Fancy bungalow) stuffed with people.

  4. Woodstock 50 Is Officially Canceled
    Weeks before it was supposed to begin, Woodstock cofounder Michael Lang has decided to pull the plug after failing to get a free event off the ground in Maryland

  5. who writes this stuff? all woodstock events were cancelled weeks ago, and werent even taking place in that location. stupid fake news.

  6. Woodstock 50 is a different event which was supposed to be at a different location and was cancelled. The weekend of concerts at Bethel is NOT cancelled.

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