Traffic Signal Would Allow Pedestrians To Cross In All Directions

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The City Council is looking into installing a new kind of traffic signal at intersections throughout the Big Apple that would stop all cars, buses and bikes for a certain amount of time — so that pedestrians could walk wherever they want.

The signal — known as the Barnes dance, or the “pedestrian scramble” — is already in use in a couple of intersections in the city and is more widely used in places including London, Los Angeles, and Washington, DC, officials said. One of the intersections is around Union Square.

Transportation advocates think the system would keep pedestrians much safer and help them get around more quickly. Read more at NY Post.



  1. This is actually a regular practice in Israel. Although the first time I encountered it 45 yrs ago at the Geula intersection Kikar Shabbos, I couldn’t believe the “balagan,” it turns out to be a very effective thing. So, to you American commentators above, “chill out.”

  2. It already exists in Boro Park on 18th Ave. cor. 45th and Dayhill. Been like that for quite a few years. Also, in Yerusalayim on Kikar Shabbos. They usually set it up @ an intersection that has more than two traffic signals. It saves alot of confusion likeky saved many lives. So thumbs up!

  3. It’s already in use on 18th Ave. cor. Dayhill and 45th for a number of years. Also in Yerushalayim on Kikar Shabbos. It’s usually placed @ an intersection that has more than two traffic signals. It saves alot of confusion and likely has saved many lives. So Kol Hakavod!

  4. it’s not such a “dumb idea” as comment #1 would opine. it would potentially prevent fatal car accidents. israel uses that type of signal on kikar shabbat in yerushalayim. great idea!

  5. What works in Israel has no connection to what works in Brooklyn NY. I agree with the first comment. This is another trick by DeBlasio to raise revenue from the driving tickets that are sure to follow.


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