Tragedy in Brooklyn: Levayah of Yoshi Balabon z”l

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As reported this morning on, a 4-year-old Jewish child tragically passed away after he and another young boy, age 5, were struck by a blue minivan in front of Yeshiva Ketana of Bensonhurst at 67th Street and 20th Avenue in Brooklyn.

The 4-year-old was Yoshi Balabon z”l. His levayah will be held at Yeshiva of Staten Island, followed by kevurah at the East Seventh Street Bais Hachaim in Lakewood, NJ.

5-year-old Yosef Berenbaum was taken to Maimonides Medical Center. He is said to be stable.



  1. Obviously, this tragedy is unspeakable. A beautiful Jewish child died today in Brooklyn. About 80 years ago, the civilized Germans and their accomplices murdered 1,000,000 Jewish children.

    I once heard a rav explain such tragedies like this.

    HKBH runs the world. For reasons only understood by Him, some people get to live long lives, some short lives, and some die within days or even hours of birth. Perhaps it was that last mitzva the child performed, the last bracha he said, the last Torah thought he had, which was all he needed to fulfill his tafkid in this world. For whatever reason it was, HKBH decided that this would be his last day. The details and circumstances of the tragic accident are really irrelevant to HKBH’s decision to take him home today.

    At the end of days, we will will learn the reason for all these tragedies and we will understand. Until then, we must continue to strengthen our Avodas Hashem, improve ourselves and support each other as we work to merit the Geula sooner rather than later.



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