TRAGIC: Baby in Lakewood Passes Away After Being Left in Car


It is with great sadness that reports the petirah of a toddler in Lakewood, NJ after she was left in a vehicle this morning. was told that the child was supposed to have been dropped off at her day care this morning and was mistakenly forgotten in the vehicle instead.

Someone spotted the baby and began resuscitation efforts. The baby, who was three months shy of her second birthday, was then treated by Hatzolah of Lakewood paramedics and transported to Monmouth Medical Center Southern Campus on River Avenue, where her petirah was confirmed.

Further information, including levayah details, will be provided once they are finalized.

Umacha Hashem dimah me’al kol ponim.



  1. The temperature is in the fifties and it’s overcast. This should be a lesson to everyone. Tragedy can strike at any time. Please be vigilant.

  2. Very smart. You think people are putting on Waze when they drive less than a mile to work or less than a mile to you Yeshiva?

  3. BDE

    such a sad loss and tragedy to strike klal Yisroel and the family.

    Time for klal Yisroel to wake up and do teshuva as a loving nation together. Nothing is coincidence. Every tragedy has a direct reason and wake up call message from Hashem why it happened.

    This is not the first time that this has happened R”L

    May his neshama have an aliya and May his family have a Nechama.

  4. Not enough has been done for deference so such tragedies should not occur as often!! Perhaps a hefty fine and some jail time would make people more vigilant and careful when handling their most-valued possessions…….There has to be something put in place to make the oilom more alert so senseless tragedies like these should not recur!!!


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