Tragic Passing of 9-Year-Old Eliyahu Dabbah z”l

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candle-small6It is with great sadness that we report the passing of 9-year-old Eliyahu Dabbah, son of Rabbi Mordechai and Mrs. Faigy Dabbah of Long Branch, NJ. Rabbi Dabbah is the rosh yeshiva of Yeshivat Keter Torah Elementary School, located on Appollo Road in Lakewood, NJ. Eliyahu was tragically niftar after having been hit by a baseball on Friday. Eliyahu was knocked unconscious and residents of Deal and Lakewood said Tehillim for Eliyahu ben Fraida Rochel, but this young neshama was taken from us.The levaya will be held this morning in Deal, NJ. Kevurah details will be posted shortly.

May we know of no further tzaar.

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  1. Boruch dayan ha’emes. I know Rabbi Dabah and he is a special mechanech with a special school.
    hamakom yenacheim eschem

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  3. As a Rebbe in the school I can tell you what really happened. A few boys were hitting the ball around in the backyard. He was hit by the BALL, after it deflected off his glove. There was no negligence. The particular bat did not play a role. And they were using a softball, NOT a hardball. It is practically impossible for the ball to hit the exact spot that it did, and cause the immediate damage that was done, according to the Deal Hatzolah. This was a terrible tradgedy orchestrated by the Ribono Shel Olam Himself, and it is incumbent upon each of us to look into ourselves for ways in which to improve ourselves. Hamakom Yinachem Otam Betoch Shear Avelei Sion Veyerushalayim.

  4. Thank for the true story R. Semah.
    May hashem comfort the family.
    May the school continue allowing the boys to PLAY ball and have an outlet for energy in a kosher way.

  5. the problem is everyone talks about what happend and not what we should do to make ourselves a better person maybe people should start getting in with reality

  6. It happened in the backyard of the school?! Are the schools in Lakewood, Deal, etc. going to “assur” the use of hardballs, softballs, metal bats, etc.!!

  7. Are the schools in Lakewood going to Assur people from saying such distasteful comments while a fruma yid nebach just lost his precious son! Can you stop posting such heartless comments?

  8. My son was Eliyahu’s z”l counselor in Keter Torah’s day camp. He was a wonderful boy. Yblh”t, his parents are special people who readily and eagerly give of themselves to the yeshiva and the community.
    The “accident” orchestrated by the Borei Olam happened in the Dabbah’s backyard. Hatzala was there within seconds as there are several members who live on the same street. They worked feverishly, but atzat Hashem he takum.
    It’s painful to have to write z”l after such a young boy’s name. May the Borei Olam be menachem the family and may they and all of klal Yisrael know no more sorrow.

  9. Playing ball is no more dangerous than it ever was. This was an unusual occurence and we have to ask what does Hashem want from us? when something tragic happens, Hashem is sending us a message.

  10. it happened in his home- not school

    and as mentioned before it doesnt really matter what happened because we lost a very special boy and his family will miss him tremendously. It was asked at the levayah that we “wake up” and make changes so that another korban will not be taken- enough tragedies- that it is incumbant on the jewish people to grow and become better- may they be comforted and see no more sorrow

  11. No! As stated before it happened on friday afternoon in their backyard. As rabbi semach explained it was a totaly freek accident which can’t be explained. As a close friend of the family and know them for many years, it is truly a difficult nisayon and the family is holding very strong. I was at the levaya and all the speakers addressed the different aspects of what we can learn from this tragedy and how we can improve. Reb mattisyahu (the mashgiach) especially brought out the fact that we are too involved in our silly gashmiyus and need to focus on the true essence of why we are here, for olam haba. This boy is going straight to the kiseh hakovod while we may never get close enough to see him. Hamakom yinachem….

  12. Everyone keeps mentioning that we should “improve ourselves” as a result of this tragic accident. I don’t understand…is it because we are not perfect that this child is gone? I am asking out of curiosity…I am not that religious so maybe I don’t understand the concept that is being mentioned…

  13. Baruch Dayan Hamet; we were terribly shocked and saddened by the news. Rabbi Dabah is a very special person with a very special neshama. We are all praying here in Montreal that Hashem should be menachem with the family and the beautiful community of Deal NJ. Meserot Tovoth.

  14. NS – It’s a conviction of Torah observant Jews that we are all connected on a deeper spiritual level “kol Yisroel areivim zeh lazeh” lit. all Jews are cosigners (ie responsible) for each other. Hence, if something tragic happens to one (esp to someone below the age of culpability – 13 yrs.) it ould only happen if there’s some spiritual deficit in others. In addition, religious Jews see all external circumstances both tragic and beneficial as ultimately emenating from the hands of G-d and therefore tragedies are seen as a rebuke from G-d and hence a cause for introspection.

  15. May the Dabbah family find comfort and solace from their friends, family and numerous people they’ve touched – in their terrible time of grief. hamakom yenachem eschem betoch shaar avelei tzion veyerushalyim.

  16. Liuly Nishmas- Eliyahu ben Mordecahi a”h
    We should always remember
    Hashem Loves and hears each of our t’filos
    A t’filah never goes wasted
    Hashem knows what’s best for each and everyone of us. Hashem loves us 100%.
    May Hashem give continued koach to the family.
    Hamakom Yinachem Oschem Besoch Shear Avelei Sion Veyerushalayim.

  17. I knew Eliyahou in camp. He was very muture and nice. May Hashem be with Rabbi and Mrs.Dabah. Mashiach should come soon. I think metal bats should be banned.
    Mystery person


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