Transfer to Jewish Grave on Har Hamenuchos


Four years after falling to his death on a construction site, a Jewish builder who was buried anonymously in a non-Jewish cemetery was transferred to a Jewish grave.

Out of touch with his family at the time of his unusual death, the Jew was buried in a Christian cemetery located in a secular kibbutz. One year later, police identified him through his DNA and informed his mother of the mistake, but she refused to believe them and told no other relatives of the police report. Recently, while investigating a Jew suspected of a price-tag crime, an investigator abruptly told the suspect that his brother was buried four years ago. The surprised brother told his father, who collected the papers necessary to transfer the body, and asked the Zaka emergency response organization to transfer the body.

In the presence of the niftar’s father, volunteers opened the grave, wrapped the Jew in a tallis and reinterred him in the Har Hamenuchos cemetery in the presence of family and friends.

Close relatives tore kriah without a brocha and sat shivah until sunset.

{ Israel News Bureau}


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