Trash Landing: Shabbos Travelers Watch Plane Lands Safely In Staten Island Landfill

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trashlandingA small plane made an emergency landing in a Staten Island landfill this afternoon. Many of thosetraveling to and from Brooklyn, New York, for Shabbos witnessed the safe landing. The plane, believed to be a single-engine Piper, was pulling a banner advertisement from its tail when its pilot radioed to officials shortly before 12:45 p.m. that it needed to make an emergency landing.

A short while later, the plane safely landed in the Fresh Kills Landfill on Arden Avenue.

No injuries were reported. The NYPD and other emergency officials were on the scene. According to the plane’s owner, a blown cylinder on the plane forced the landing.

The plane is registered to Smoketown Banners, LLC from New Holland, Pa.

The large ad it was carrying was seen scattered in a strip of trees nearby the site. It originally read, “If you died today, would you go to heaven?”

The owner told CBS 2 that an anonymous client paid for the ad, and that it was apparently intended for survivors of the “Miracle On The Hudson” tragedy to see.

The landfill was closed after it became the clearing house for wreckage from the Sept. 11 attack. The plane did not disturb any of the debris.

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