TRAVEL ADVISORY: Kever Of Previous Bobover Rebbe To Close For Lag Ba’Omer

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To the disappointment of hundreds of Tri State residents who planned to make the pilgrimage to the Bais Hachaim in Dean, New Jersey, to celebrate Lag Ba’omer at the tzion of Rav Naftuli Halberstam of Bobov.

The Washington and Floral Park Cemeteries, located on Deans Rhode Hall Road in South Brunswick, have officially announced that they will be closing the cemetery on Lag BaOmer, on Monday and Tuesday.

Operators of the cemetery had spoken to South Brunswick Police on Thursday expressing concern about a large volume of people possibly coming to congregate on the grounds.The Bobover kever hs become a Lag Ba’omer destination in recent years for Yidden looking for yeshuos.

South Brunswick Office of Emergency Management Director Chief Raymond Hayducka said, “We have worked with cemetery staff several times over the past 8 weeks to address concerns about large groups coming to the cemetery. In addition to the cemetery being closed, we are setting up a frozen zone around the cemetery that will prohibit traffic.”

South Brunswick Police met with community leaders on Thursday to explain the cemetery and roadway around the cemetery would be closed on Monday evening and all day Tuesday. “We want to create as much outreach as possible to prevent any issues. Typically, we can expect several thousand people to visit the cemetery for this annual event. That is not possible this year,” said Hayducka.

South Brunswick Police are alerting area businesses and residents to expect delays and detours around the cemetery. The plan will prevent all traffic on Deans Rhode Hall Road from Route 130 to Fresh Ponds Road. On Friday, message boards were placed out alerting drivers of the upcoming closure. South Brunswick Police we will have additional officers on hand to address the traffic and detours.



  1. The kever of Reb Naftali of Bobov zt”l will be closed because Rashbi’s kever is closed in Israel. And as we know, The Bobover Rebbe zt”l said, “Reb Shimon is by me on Lag B’Omer” which is the reason for the yearly pilgrimage.

    So many people are desperate to go to his kever on Lag B’Omer only to be told to turn around.

  2. very sad, i travel every year to meron, this year israeli govt didnt let me in, i was hoping at least to go instead to bobov NJ, and now they shut this down, this is outrages!

    • berel: no it isn’t outrageous. Quite the contrary, it’s common sense to close the cemetery, if they kept it open, many people would flock there and social distancing would be disregarded — the possibility of saving lives always comes fist!


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