TREIF: Kashrus Fraud In Madrid

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A delegation of kiruv activists sent by Rav Moshe Taub, Kalover Rebbe of Williamsburg, to befriend six hundred French/Jewish medical students among 86,000 students studying in the prestigious Complutense University of Madrid discovered that the traditional students were being fooled by a restaurant on the university grounds, which was serving treife meat under the pretense of it being kosher.

The rebbe wrote the students a letter emphasizing the importance of kosher food and is arranging for the immediate opening of a kosher restaurant. For the past thirty years, the Kalover Rebbe has traveled round the world to be mekarev Jews and teach them about authentic Judaism. This is in continuation of an outreach attitude going back to his great-grandfather, Rav Eisikal Taub, a talmid of the Maggid of Mezritch.



  1. My Ruv, Rav Blum, the Kashover Ruv, ZTz”l always told us to ask shaylos. If you have any question at all about the kashrus of a restaurant, a store, or even a friends house, ask. Always know what your eating. If in doubt, ask a shaylo or don’t eat.

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