Tri-State Heat Wave Forecast for Tisha B’Av

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heat-hotIf you have been enjoying the comparatively comfortable days the Tri-State Area has seen this weekend, don’t get too used to it.

The forecast will get very steamy as we head toward midweek, with heat indices yet again making it feel like the triple digits.

A damp air mass is hovering over the area as the temperature rises, and rise it will. The high for today is 93 – with a heat index making it feel like 100 or more. The high climbs to 94 on Tuesday – Tisha B’Av, 96 on Wednesday, and down a degree to 95 on Thursday – with heat indices making it feel like 105 on each of those days.

On average in July, there should be six 90 degree days in the Tri-State Area. So far, there have been three this year, but five more are expected -bringing a total of eight by the end of this week.

But it’s not as if such hot temperatures are unheard of, WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall reported. Murdock said last year, there were actually 10 90-degree days in July.

And last year wasn’t the record either.

“In 1993, there were 20 days of extreme heat,” Murdock told Hall. “That is the hottest July I have noted.”

Read more at CBS 2.

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  1. what better day then tisha b’av can a heat wave be perfect for?
    does anyone know what the heat of a tisha b’av fire felt like when the bais Hamikdosh was on fire? much worse then a heat wave outside your home, let this be a reminder of the churban & let it give you just a little bit of what it felt like back then.

    may mashiach come ASAP


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