Tri-State to Remain Frigid


coldAs expected, the temperatures continued to drop into the week with Shabbos starting off in the teens and in single digits in some places.

The high in the Tri-State will only hit 22 degrees-16 below average-and the low will be 14 as an arctic air mass moves into the area.

The high pressure will keep the area clear of any major systems for this weekend, but temps will keep dropping as the coldest night of the season so far is expected on Sunday with a high of 20 degrees.

The Director of the New York State Office of Emergency Management, Andrew X. Feeney, spoke with 1010 WINS Saturday morning and offered some useful tips for people battling the frigid temperatures.

“You want to wear lose, light-weight warm clothing. You want to wear several layers of that because you trap air between the layers and it acts as more insulation,” he said.

Feeney also advised that people should be mindful of elderly neighbors during the cold season.

“Sometimes, the elderly are particularly more vulnerable to cold and so people should keep an eye on their neighbors and try to help them out when they need to,” he said.

The temperature isn’t expected to warm up until Tuesday when it’ll hit 32 degrees, but that day also has a chance of a snow-rain mix.

A low pressure system will move into the area then, but the exact location is not known at this point, and that’s the factor that will determine what form the precipitation will fall in.

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