TRIAL RESULTS: RABBI EISEMANN SENTENCED: 2 Years Probation, 60 Days in Prison

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Updates from bottom up:

-4:50 p.m.: Judge issues sentence: 2 YEARS PROBATION, 60 days prison in Middlesex County Jail, and $250,000 fine. Rabbi Eisemann will be allowed to return to lead SCHI, but can’t handle the finances of the school.

-4:45 pm: Judge says he never saw such overwhelming support from the letters he received on behalf of Rabbi Eisemann (APP)

-4:20 pm: Judge begins his ruling, spelling out different legal parameters of what he can sentence

– 4:15 pm: State argues that he is a educator builder and nurturer, but not a victim; he led a great life but that does not exempt you from the law

-4:10 pm: R’ Eisemann speaks, asks for rachmanus so he can help and care for his special needs son and continue his life’s work at SCHI. “I’m sorry the last 3 years have distracted me from my mission that I loved outside of my family. My son Eliezer has been a great blessing to my family, but not all blessings are easy.”

-4:00 pm: Defense attorney pleads with judge for the sake of the rabbi’s special needs son, a student at SCHI.

-3:58 pm: State asking judge to sentence him to 12 years in prison (charge is usually 5-10)

-3:55 pm: GL confirms Rabbi Eisemann will speak prior to sentencing

-3:50 pm: Judge asks if probation sentence will send a message to not loan out SCHI money; says he hasn’t acknowledged he cannot do so

-3:45 pm: Defense lawyer says judge should disregard prison because of R’ Eisemann’s good character, money was repaid in 12 days, and no harm was done to the school. He built that school from a strip mall. Convictions will prevent him from working at SCHI

-3:35 pm: Attorney Lee Vartan speaks on R’ Eisemann’s behalf, pleading with judge for a light sentence, reading letters of support

-3:30 pm: Judge addresses R’ Eisemann sympathetically, hoping he can see all the good he’s done and this unfortunate situation should not temper his selfless life

-3:15 pm: Judge upholds the verdict, denied defense motion, moves to sentencing

-3:10 PM: Judge says the evidence for money laundering was slim but adequate enough to support jury’s verdict

-3:00 pm: Judge orders break

-2:55 pm: Prosecutor says throwing out guilty verdict would undermine the American court system that the jury is the finder of facts

-2:45 pm: Judge says he’s convinced from trial that all SCHI money cannot be used as seen fit by any employee public or private donations

-2:00 pm: Defense argues that there is no evidence supporting money laundering conviction. State Deputy AG says charges should stand because he was in charge of operations in the school.

-1:45 pm – Packed courthouse, with many attendees, including Lakewood rosh yeshiva Rav Yeruchem Olshin

HT: Hefker Velt


  1. Please post a link where we can send money to help Rav Osher pay the 250, as well as the date and time that he goes to prison for the 2 months, so we can escort him with love like a Sefer Torah

  2. Terrible news! That such an upstanding, selfless person should see even one day behind bars isn’t even fathomable.

  3. Terrible news! That such an upstanding, selfless person should see even one day behind bars isn’t even fathomable.

      • Actually, the judge held Rabbi Eiseman to a higher standard than the Torah standards for kashrus. Kashrus allows for many leniencies such as sfek sfayko, bitul, and sha-as hadchak. Anyhow, asked what can be done to assist Rabbi Eiseman. How exactly does your comment help Rabbi Eiseman? It seems to me more like pouring salt nf poor Rabbi Eiseman’s wounds who has already suffered terribly in his life.

  4. The date his prison starts is June 1st.

    Keep davening for his yeshua and klal yisroels complete yeshua with serious teshuva

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