Troubling Exchange Between Trump And Netanyahu Teams Days Ahead Of Key Israel Visit

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A dramatic rift appears to have been created between Washington and Jerusalem as US President Donald Trump’s team as well as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s team both issued harsh statements on Monday evening less than a week prior to the president’s much-expected visit to Israel.

The drama unfolded when a senior White House official said that the Western Wall was part of the West Bank and not part of Israel’s territory, as Channel 2 reported on Monday.

“The Western Wall is not in your territory,” the official reportedly said.

It seems that the official was prompted to make the statement after members of Netanyahu’s team asked if Netanyahu could join Trump on the visit to the Western Wall and whether Israeli photographers could document the event, to which the Americans replied that the Western Wall was a “disputed territory.”

The official allegedly went on to say: “This is not your territory but rather part of the West Bank.”

A source close to the preparations team in Israel told Channel 2 that the statements made by the White House official were received with utter shock by Netanyahu’s team. “In Israel they’re convinced that this statement is opposed to President Trump’s policy as it was expressed recently in his behavior and in his firm resistance to the most recent Security Council resolution. Israel has turned to to the US [to discuss this further].” Read more at at Jerusalem Post.




  1. This is from Shemayim שמים. It does not matter who is president but having the reform women of the wall make a disgrace at the kosel each Rosh Chodesh, can make us lose the kosel. The Torah warns that Israel can be taken away when chillul shabbos and toeiva parades are allowed. Beware. It has nothing to do with Trump. Trump is good.

  2. Matzav stop the fake news. Matzav you just spit out anything with out real names or facts.
    Matzav =fake news
    I dare you to print this.

  3. Shame on you Anonymous who wrote the comment- “Beware. It has nothing to do with Trump. Trump is good.”- Enough is Enough! If a Prez Hillary would say that about the Kosel, you would be SCREAMING yourself blue in the face… Can’t you just admit that you were conned by Trumps Baloney Bluster on Israel during the election…!!!!

  4. First commentator is correct. If we misbehave at holy sites, the land vomits out its inhabitants. It has nothing to do with Trump or Cruz or shmuz. Remember that. Too many heimisha social media need to realize this fact. The message yesterday was that you are not secure with the land of Israel without Torah observance. Unless s half million chareidim come out and stop all the chillul shabbos and Toeiva parades and close up tattoo shops and stop the women of the wall charade instead of only protesting when the government cuts funding, we are as guilty as the chilonim. The appearance of the new frum American ambassador to Israel praying at the kosel was also a beautiful message to the millions of secular Israelis. His message of prayer was very powerful. Jews like him is why Israel has a right to exist. He does not hide his faith. True he does not wear a streimel but under his yarmulka is more emunah than many dressed up holy roller individuals. His grandchildren are real black hatters.


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