Trump Accuses Biden of Using Enhancement Drugs

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President Trump has thrown out one of his most absurd explanations for opponent Joe Biden going from “so bad” in presidential debates to leading Trump in most election polls. It’s because Biden is on performance-enhancing drugs, apparently.
“There’s probably, possibly, drugs involved,” Trump told Judge Jeanine Pirro on Fox News, with absolutely zero evidence. “That’s what I hear.” Pirro nodded along as he continued, “How is it possible that he can even go forward?” The irony was thick: During the Republican National Convention, a bizarrely glassy-eyed Donald Trump, Jr. was accused of being under the influence of something, to the point where it was trending on Twitter.  “I think there’s probably, possibly drugs involved. That’s what I hear.”
{The Daily Beast}


  1. STOP THE FAKE NEWS EDITORIALIZING!!!! “Absurd” explanations?Since when are you qualified physicians? I am.And I agree with President Trump, something is going on with Biden!

  2. mere hours after trump said he thinks biden takes “debate enhancement drugs” pelosi said in a press conference that had nothing to do with this”i dont think there should be debates” that seems very very fishy to me


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