Trump Admin Rolls Back Obama’s Healthy School Lunch Rules



The Trump administration has reversed a set of Obama-era nutrition regulations for school lunches, the White House announced Monday. The regulations which had yet to take effect, required schools to reduce sodium in students’ lunches, to make all grain products at least 50 percent whole grain, and to serve nonfat milk instead of flavored milks. The regulations are no longer scheduled to take effect until at least 2020.

Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue said the move was not a rollback, but a delay, telling media that “we’re just slowing down the process.” He said that the previous regulations would not improve children’s health, because children would throw away the healthier food. “If kids aren’t eating the food, and it’s ending up in the trash, they aren’t getting any nutrition,” Purdue said, “thus undermining the intent of the program.” Read more.



  1. The kids will be sooooo happy. They’ve been complaining the whole time! What’s so bad about rye bread anyway?


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