Trump Administration Plans To End Protections For Endangered Species


A United Nations report released this week found that one-eighth of the world’s animals and plants are at risk of extinction and that biodiversity was declining at an “unprecedented pace,” but David Bernhardt, U.S. Secretary of the Interior, said this dire portrait won’t stop the Trump administration from ending protections for endangered species in the United States.

The Trump administration has long sought to ease protections for endangered species that hinder the gas and oil industry.

In July, the president proposed ending protections for species that are designated as “threatened” and not endangered. His administration also floated making it easier to remove species from the endangered list, and for the economic impact of protecting species to be considered before adding them to the list.

Read more at NEWSWEEK.



  1. The world has become an olum hufush. Making the animals more important then humans. Rashi at the end of parshas braishis asks why the animals died in the mabel. Rashi answers animals were made for people no people no need for the animals.

  2. Good move!

    The liberals use fake excuses to block oil and gas production..

    They have lost all their ne’emonis

  3. The headline does not match the article, and is so misleading and dishonest it could have been written by a Democrat. The article does not say he is removing protections from”endangered” species, but from “threatened” species.

    In any case, why quote the UN? According to them, zionism is the equivlent of nazi-ism.


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