Trump Administration Removes Group Tackling Neo Nazis From Anti-Extremism Program

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The Department of Homeland Security will proceed with an Obama Administration grant program to counter violent extremism, but UNC-Chapel Hill is among a handful of recipients that will be left out.

The Trump Administration has backed out of a major grant promised to UNC-Chapel Hill that would have been used to create media campaigns to undermine violent radicalism on U.S. soil.

UNC was dropped during a partial overhaul of a grant program announced Friday by the Department of Homeland Security. The UNC team wasn’t given a specific reason, said Cori Dauber, a communication professor and one of two principal investigators on the grant proposal. Read more here.



  1. This is beautiful. Herr Trump is well to reestablish third reich feelings.

    Everyone knew it was in his best “solution”.

    Thanks red guard jews. I can not wait to see more swasticas in the United States.

    Great news.

    Chas v’shalom.


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