Trump Adviser Al Baldasaro: Execute Hillary Clinton for Treason

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New Hampshire state Senator Al Baldasaro, a marine veteran told NBC News that he believes Clinton should be shot by a firing squad as he considers her use of a private email server high treason, saying “as far as I’m concerned, the laws of the land on treason could be a firing squad if she’s found guilty.”

Now he is standing by his comments, stating “I stand by it because treason is treason.”

Baldasaro is Trump’s advisor on veterans affairs.




  1. just heard on CNN that the Secret Service is formulating an investigation on this New Hampshire senator claiming that he might have gone over the line for suggesting that Hillary should go in front of a “firing squad” if found guilty. i knew this was coming. the Secret Service (read: white house, obama, clinton, democrats) is trying to foment scandal after scandal during the RNC to smear the Trump campaign. First came Milania”s speech and now this. The Democrats will not stop at anything!

  2. I am no fan of Hillary but this guy is way off. He is scary. We are really between a rock and a hard place as far as the candidates for this election are concerned. I have not yet decided who to vote for. I will have to bring a clothes pin for my nose and a barf bag to the voting booth.

  3. Trump for president. Every man languish! We will all offer time the disgrace.

    This is hate absurd terror. Will Herr Trump recede this comment? Hillary should have more golden joy. The secret service issue warrants.

    Terror from a murderer’s campaign. Can’t wait for marshall law.

    Gitmo might be the safest place.

    Moldy hate everywhere in this election. The roles are terrible.


  4. No, this man is 100% accurate I need his exposition of a very important and integral law of our land.
    Most people have been so brainwashed, desensitized, and conditioned to hearing, seeing, and now accepting a very non-American ideal of hierarchy, that people would actually call out a truth sayer as a nut job.
    Sad, people. Very tragically sad.

  5. She needs to be jailed, not executed. The level of classified information she put on her server is punishable by long prison time and high fines. But, of course, the FBI and DOJ will not indict her, per the President’s orders.


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