Trump After Istanbul Attack: Ramp Up Torture

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As details were still emerging from Istanbul after suicide bombers attacked Atatürk International Airport, Donald Trump responded with his usual strength and candor, calling for increased torture measures.

“We can’t do waterboarding but they can do chopping off heads, drowning people in steel cages, they can do whatever they want,” the presumptive Republican presidential nominee said at a rally in Ohio. “You know, you have to fight fire with fire.” As for waterboarding, Trump said he likes it “a lot,” adding that it’s not “tough enough.”

{CB Newscenter}


  1. He’s right. The only thing that will scare these chayos is to use their tactics on them. Kill a bunch, burn a few, torture a few. That should bring the recruitment rates down pretty significantly.

    And don’t tell me we will become like them.

  2. ” don’t tell me we will become like them”

    You and Trump have already become like them. And it won’t stop a single terrorist attack.

    • Sorry, Charlie. Done properly, serious counterattacks can drive ISIL back under their rock. Then we bomb the rock.

    • Killing murderers in the same manner they have killed their innocent victims makes us like them? What a silly boilerplate comment.
      Why not spend a couple of minutes typing a more thoughtful response?

  3. Lets try it and see what happens. When Groisa finer mentshen like McCain is advocating hasn’t help squat so might as well..

  4. Its in his blood!

    Yell today. Scare tomorrow.

    Hope ultimately has no map. This guy is the jitters of even his own movie.

    Gipper would have said a prayer.

  5. Charlie Hall: is that your own analysis or are you just a blind believer in everything liberal politicians say?

  6. I, for one, hardly care if muslim terrorists behead muslim terrorists of a different sect. I would like the esteemed elected officials politicians in my “democratic” country to do my interests, especially if I voted for them. As for Daesh, Sudan, Afghanistan, PA and wherever (I suppose now that should include Turkey), indeed they should issue a travel advisory, and that will do.


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