Trump Again Lashes Out At Fox News: ‘Not What It Used To Be’


President Trump on Sunday renewed his attacks against Fox News over its recent polls, saying that the network favored by conservatives is “only getting worse.”

Trump made the attack while contrasting surveys from Fox News and Rasmussen Reports on his approval rating. Rasmussen’s daily tracking poll on Friday showed the president with a 50 percent approval rating among likely U.S. voters. Just 43 percent of voters said they approved of Trump’s job performance in a Fox survey released earlier this month.

“Rasmussen at 50%,” Trump said on Twitter, before arguing that Fox News and its Sunday show “Media Buzz” were “only getting worse!”

“I don’t know what’s happening with Fox,” he told reporters, adding that he doesn’t “believe” the polls.

“Fox is different. There’s no question about it,” he continued.

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  1. Faux news was never a Trump supporter. They were big Bush people. Whatever Karl Rove fed them, they believed. If you remember, they were fully behind the big dummy himself, Jeb Bush. Faux news was always a cheerleader for the Rino’s. Hannity was and still is the only one there that supported President Trump from day 1.

  2. As soon as Trump TV will start, hopefully soon, mainstream media will literally be on their deathbed, including Fox News. Until then, the Epoch Times will have to do.

  3. The Fox News polling operation (outsourced) is a A rated polling firm based on its past performance in actual elections.

    Rassmussen is a C+ rated polling firm based on its past performance. It also has a significant Republican bias.

    Trump is screwed. Say hello to President Elizabeth Warren.

    • Fox poll is as “A” rated as CNN and the rest of fictitious media. Fox News like the other fake polls all had a clear Hillary victory in 2016 when, any idiot, just by looking at her rallies was able to tell she’s far far far from winning with 36 people at her rally in Florida and at the most she ever had were 1000 people, many of them paid to go, while Trump then had 20,000 and now he has line-ups 24 hours in advance with thousands of patriots. She indeed ended up with 13% of Americans who voted for her and the only popular vote she had was from the dead.

      • Wrong. The A rating is from objective data analyzed by Nate Silver and people who work for him. You can find all the details on his web site.

    • You’re a racist. Why would you say the WHITE Ms. Warren should be President over the African-American Kamala Harris? Ms. Harris was made to sit in back of her school bus while Ms. Warren was making millions of the backs of black folks. It shows you haven’t overcome your hatred of blacks yet. I thought you were better than that.

  4. FOX is the only news site that consistently supports Trump. If they have a poll which doesn’t support him so he should listen.


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