Trump Appears to Think Charles Is Called ‘The Prince of Whales’


Unless the president has just accidentally revealed the existence of a top-secret underwater kingdom, he’s dropped another clanger on Twitter.

Writing about his recent trip to Britain, where he met Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles, President Trump said he’d met with the “Prince of Whales.”

He was almost there—Charles’ title is actually Prince of Wales.

Trump was trying to make the point that he feels he doesn’t need to disclose conversations with world leaders to the FBI. No one has actually suggested that—he was criticized Wednesday for saying he would accept foreign intelligence on a 2020 opponent without informing his intelligence services.

“I meet and talk to ‘foreign governments’ every day,” he wrote. “I just met with the Queen of England (U.K.), the Prince of Whales, the P.M. of the United Kingdom, the P.M. of Ireland, the President of France and the President of Poland. We talked about ‘Everything!’ Should I immediately call the FBI about these calls and meetings? How ridiculous! I would never be trusted again. With that being said, my full answer is rarely played by the Fake News Media. They purposely leave out the part that matters.”



  1. Typical Trump blooper. Human error. But for a man in the highest position in the U S of A it is uncalled for. Respectfully.

    • Had the person in the highest position of the US had the media’s support to share the truth to the public, instead of having to do it himself, it wouldn’t have happened.

  2. This joke was in the british movie “yellow submarine” by the beatles 50 years ago, and today Elizabeth is still Queen and Charles is still prince of W(h)ales. Who would have said?
    I think the pun continues with a school of fish which actually is a university of fish (Trump U?)

  3. whoa whoa hold the presses “Trump Appears to Think”
    This is a historic first. Trump hasnt had a coherent thought in decades


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