Trump Approval On Handling Pandemic Drops To 31 Percent

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President Trump’s approval on his handling of the coronavirus pandemic dropped to 31 percent, according to The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research poll released Monday.

The figure represents a 13-point decline from a similar survey in March, when the pandemic first took hold. Trump’s overall job approval rating also dropped from March — to 35 percent from 43 percent.

The poll results were released on the same day the Republican National Convention kicked off. Trump, who was officially renominated on Monday, is slated to give his acceptance speech on Thursday evening from the White House, an unusual setting for a highly political event.

Trump’s support in the new poll came overwhelming from Republican respondents, with 79 percent of them approving of the president’s job performance, compared to just 5 percent of Democrats.

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    • Singapore? New Zealand? Taiwan? Iceland? Or maybe you prefer I quote a few US leaders? Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Obama…. they all had pandemics. AIDS, H1N1, Ebola, SARS……. they all were handled properly by the above *leaders*.

    • you actually acknowledge it and treat it seriously. not ignoring it a cranking up your base to ignore the severity of it. that would be a start

  1. In the same poll, 47% approved Trump’s handling of the economy, 36% his handling of foreign policy, and 36% his handling of health care.

  2. While the planet is b”H been cleansed of villainous elite corona criminals, thanks to President Trump, his approval on handling the arrest of these reshai’im gemurim drops to 31%.

  3. How come I never hear about polls on how the Democrats who run the states corona was in handled it?

    Why is it only Trump who has a lot less ability to deal with the state governor that we hear polls about?

    • everybody in leadship is responsible. but on the flipside if the president took it seriously he could have influenced the republican states to take it serious. and it would not have spread to those states.


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