Trump Asks Ted Cruz To Argue Election Case Before Supreme Court

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President Donald Trump has asked Texas Sen. Ted Cruz to argue the state’s Supreme Court case seeking to overturn the results of the election, reports The New York Times.

The state of Texas is suing four swing states that certified wins for Joe Biden.

Attorney General Ken Paxton in the suit filed earlier this week argued that a handful of battleground states destroyed the integrity of the 2020 election vote totals and insists the U.S. Constitution was violated by allowing their legislatures to make last-minute changes that ignored federal electoral regulations.

Cruz on Monday offered to present before the Supreme Court the merits of a lawsuit filed by Rep. Mike Kelly claiming Pennsylvania’s 2019 voting reform bill is unconstitutional.

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  1. What a waste of time. The SCOTUS won’t do anything based on these types of lawsuits.
    While a look at the numbers and how they developed should tell you something here is very rotten, until someone can find something substantial both in terms in numbers large enough to overturn the election and in terms of solid quality, the election stands with Biden as the winner. No court will overturn the election. Live with it!


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