Trump, Biden Clash Over Antifa

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President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden had a heated exchange over extremist violence with each facing questions over their approach to dealing with the problem.

When Trump called out Antifa, Biden referenced FBI Director Christopher Wray’s claim that Antifa was more of a movement or ideology rather than an organization. “Antifa is an idea, not an organization,” Biden said. Trump fired back: “Oh, you got to be kidding.”

After Biden mentioned Wray, Trump said his FBI director was “wrong.”

Earlier this month, Wray offered congressional testimony in which he said Antifa was a “real thing” and that the FBI had undertaken “any number of properly predicated investigations into what we would describe as violent anarchist extremists,” including into individuals who identify with Antifa.

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  1. There is no head antifa, no phone number, no address. I know where to find Proud Boys and their buddy Roger Stone. Proud Boys now have incorporated “stand by” in their clothing.
    This may come as a shock but white supremacist are not our friends. I do not fear anti fascist.

  2. “Antifa is an idea, not an organization, Biden said”

    Technically true but totally irrelevant.

    End of the day many and a growing amount of people in the US subscribe to Antifa ideology.

    They have caused much damage over a prolonged period of time

    What is the left, who Antifa identifies with, doing about it?

  3. If the riots and looting helps Trump as Biden claimed, why don’t the Democratic mayors and governors allow their police to stop it. As far as Antifa we have all seen the videos how they attack stores and people starting already day of inauguration in Washington.

  4. Wray is right. Antifa is an anarchist movement, with no organization. As anarchists, they don’t believe in organization! Trump proves again that he is an idiot.

    “Antifa has been blamed for a wide range of violent incidents in U.S. cities.”

    Just TODAY, a member of Proud Boys was arrested in Portland on 12 charges including multiple felonies. They had previously announced that they were headed to Portland in order to cause trouble. Two Proud Boys were convicted of rioting in NYC a few years ago.

    Why is this important? Trump refused to condemn Proud Boys last night. Not only did he refuse to condemn this group, whose founder is an anti-Semitic holocaust denier who has blamed Jews for Stalin’s crimes against humanity, he called on Proud Boys to “stand by”, making an anti-Semitic hate group his equivalent of Mussolini’s Blackshirts.

    • Please don’t call a sitting President derogatory names. That is a chillul Hashem and will cause the goyim to hate us. It’s called aiva. We are in galus and we have to treat our leaders with proper respect irregardless of whether we like him or not.


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