Trump: Biden Controlled By People In ‘Dark Shadows’

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President Donald Trump ripped into Joe Biden, saying people in “dark shadows” are controlling the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee.

The president made his comments on Monday night during an interview on the Fox News show “The Ingraham Angle.”

Asked who he believed was pulling Biden’s strings, Trump replied: “People you’ve never heard of. People that are in the dark shadows.”

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  1. Biden has been in politics for over a half century. He has always been an independent-minded centrist who goes his own way no matter what the zeitgeist of the time. Trump knows that but lies anyway.

    • From our perspective, what’s the difference between Joe Biden and Trump?
      Joe Biden has been Obama’s VP for eight years. Obama has been the most evil and wicked US president when it came to Jews and Israel. He has a visceral hatred of Jews. That was ok with our Ol’ Joe. Ol’ Joe hasn’t distance himself not then nor since of Obama’s Jew hatred and anti-Israel policies. On the other hand, Trump with all his shortcomings, he has been the best US president for Israel since Harry Truman. In short, Joe Biden is bad for the Jews. Trump is good for Jews, Israel, and America.
      May Hashem have Trump win the elections and also shame the Democrats, the Obamas and the Clintons, and the Charles B. Halls of the world !

  2. it’s amazing how the headlines don’t match the article.

    Saying Trump: Biden Controlled By People In ‘Dark Shadows’ implies that Trump got up and said some conspiracy theory about Biden being controlled by this hidden sinister group waiting to attack us all.

    in reality he was using it as an expression in response to an interview question to say that the people giving Biden advice are people no one ever would have heard of.

    This is a constant distortion type of thing that the media is always doing

  3. Biden has been in a swamp for over 50 years and has done less than zero for the American people.
    He’s the Loch Ness of the croc swamp.
    Now, , his dementia has allowed the old Obama crocs to run his campaign , along with AOC & gang.

  4. No. I watched that interview Laura Ingrahm kept trying to help him and he never took her lifeline. He is exactly what you see. It is why his staff want him to do less twitter. They are frustrated with Biden because Biden knows give Trump more airtime and Everyone sees what Trump is. I think all the anger you see amongst Trump supporters on these websites is a result of internal conflicts within the individuals. It is ok to believe what you see and if you like you can be a secret Biden voter.


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