Trump Calls Reporter Criminal for Not Covering Hunter Story

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President Donald Trump on Monday called a reporter “criminal” for not covering the story of Hunter Biden’s email server.

During a press scrum on the tarmac in Phoenix, Arizona, on Monday, Reuters reporter Jeff Mason asked Trump why his campaign strategy is to label Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden a criminal.

“He is a criminal,” Trump replied. “He got caught. Read his laptop.”

“And you know who’s a criminal? You’re a criminal for not reporting it,” Trump added. “Joe Biden is a criminal, and he’s been one for a long time. And you’re a criminal and the media for not reporting it.”

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  1. Why I did not vote for Mr. Trump? He is always right but the audience he wants his votes from is the bar room. He should reach out to the rich. We eat well. We value our dirge and we lower no lot. How Mr.Trump may be reelected is quick. Every tick buck is money. But I will congratulate him if he does. A set man.

    Beg me not never a democratic vote. Biden bibs out.

  2. Never has a country as a whole stooped so low so fast, this nightmare of reciprocal lies and insults and outlandish conspiracy theories has made America the absolute laughingstock of a world that is already a laughingstock. V’ho’emes ne’ederes. The worst part of this is that ehrliche Yidden are actually taking sides in this shandah. Yidden, don’t play into the hands of the sitrah achrah, only Moshiach can pull us out of this one!


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