Trump Campaign Predicts Victory As Early As Friday

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President Trump’s campaign remained confident Thursday, predicting not only that the incumbent Republican will win the 2020 election, but that the result could become apparent as soon as Friday.

As of early Thursday afternoon, several states continued to count ballots without a clear winner, but Democrat Joe Biden appeared to be on the verge of victory. According to Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien, however, Trump should not be counted out of the race just yet.

“Donald Trump is alive and well,” Stepien said on a conference call.

Trump campaign senior adviser Jason Miller went even further, predicting an imminent victory.

“We believe that President Trump will again, win the race and we think that by, as soon possibly the end of tomorrow on Friday, it will be clear to the American public that President Trump and Vice President Pence will serve another four years in the White House,” Miller said.

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  1. BIG Election Issue Discovered In Michigan

    This is just ridiculous.
    Conservatives have been fearing about election fraud since the day Democrats have floated the idea due to the coronavirus pandemic.
    Now, according to the Gateway Pundit, everyones worst fears appear to have become a reality because it is now reported that in Michigan, “the total votes counted by election software DIDN’T match the printed tabulator tapes.“

  2. Joe Biden’s Performance Linked To China’s Currency Value On Election Night (REPORT)

    ( – The Chinese economy and Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden sure have a lot to do with each other, considering he claims not to have any financial dealings with the country.
    Case in point, the Chinese yuan plunged about 1.4% on November 3 when Biden appeared to be losing the presidential election to President Donald Trump. According to a prominent global market strategist, that drop constituted the largest one-day loss in the offshore yuan value in nearly two years.
    Experts attributed the drop to the president’s no-nonsense approach to US trade policy with China and his imposition of tariffs on the country. Although Biden isn’t expected to substantially alter that approach, many economists expect him to be less aggressive in his overall approach to the communist-led nation.
    Unsurprisingly, as the night wore on and election returns appeared more favorable to Biden, the numbers reversed, eventually rising to their previous level the day before.
    It remains to be seen whether Biden had any involvement with his son Hunter’s business dealings in China. However, it appears Chinese markets are bullish on the idea of a Biden presidency.

    • Joe Biden’s tax returns, which have been public for years, show that he has no business interests in China. Trump, however, had a secret bank account there.

      If you can figure out currency fluctuations, you are another George Soros. Just don’t do what he did and take down an entire economy in order to make a billion or two. It is really unfair to those who suffer as a result.

      Biden is a free trader and will end the stupid trade wars. Trump’s economic policy is the same as that of Herbert Hoover!

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