Trump Campaign Request Fourth Debate With Biden

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President Trump’s re-election campaign is formally asking that a fourth debate between the president and Democratic challenger Joe Biden be added and that the showdown be held early next month, before many states start sending out absentee ballots to voters.

In a letter sent Wednesday to the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD), the Trump campaign urged that if a fourth showdown can’t be added, then the date of the first debate – scheduled for Sept. 29 – be moved up to the first week of September.

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  1. I’m not quite sure why everyone is so confident that Trump will win a slam dunk in a debate with Biden. Have you ever heard Trump debate with people? He usually comes off sounding quite ridiculous and says rather outlandish and irrelevant things! It will definitely be entertaining listening to these two elderly gentleman have it out but by no means do I expect it to hand Trump the election.

    • Trump will be’ez”H win over 95% because clones can never make it. Why is it so difficult to notice the difference between the guy pictured here and the real Biden? Are people that blind?

    • (1)The candidate who is behind in the polls always wants more debates. The candidate who is ahead has a lot more to lose if he messes up.
      (2)End of day Trump manages to compose himself for scripted events like the debates. Biden is clearly incapable of doing so anymore, Even a year ago at the Democratic debates he looked confused by some of the questions. He even squeezed out of answering one with saying irrelevant rambling and then saying “my time is up”. Trump is banking on more such moments at the presidential debates which would be disastrous for Biden.

  2. The Biden campaign will agree with a condition that all the debates should be done remotely, so they can use a ventriloquist.

  3. I think five or six debates would be best. They will be televised and/or whatever online medium people use today. In every debate Biden is going to say some ridiculous thing. And in every debate Trump is going to show how crooked Biden is. The American people need to see that, regardless of what spin the leftists and Democrats put on it afterwards. Trump will have a chance to remind the people what he has done for 4 years and what he tried to do and where the Democrats hamstringed him. They will see how much better thweir lives will be if they give him anothger 4 years. The Democrats are going to rue the day they nominated this Biden incompetent.


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