Trump Campaign To File Lawsuit Challenging Nevada Vote

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President Donald Trump’s campaign planned to make an announcement in Las Vegas on Thursday at 11:30 ET on what is expected to be a lawsuit challenging the vote in Nevada.

The campaign scheduled a news conference as ballot counting in the U.S. presidential election continued in the state.

The Trump campaign, which has already filed lawsuits in Michigan and Pennsylvania to stop vote counting, planned to allege voter fraud in a lawsuit in Nevada, Fox News reported.

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  1. President Trump had it all planned out months in advance BRILLIANTLY. The Democrats knew that the rigged machines have been fixed, so they needed to come up with some other fraud. Did they really think Trump and his team couldn’t secure this election? DIDN’T THEY KNOW THAT TRUMP IS A 5-LEVEL CHESS PLAYER?

    Trump planned a huge sting operation. He had the DHS prepare ballots with special watermarks and machine identification number on official ballots. The Democrats were not aware of it and printed millions of ballots of their own in China or wherever. After election, Trump’s military pulled out the fake ballots and confirmed Trump winning in a landslide. (Now Trump is proving it in court.)

    In order for America to believe and see how corrupt and evil the Democrats and Deep State are, Trump allowed their fraud to happen in order to expose them to the world by non other than their mainstream media who will not be able to refute this solid evidence but will have to report it.

    Trump decided against Voter ID in order to arrest the criminals.

  2. all trump wants to do is slow down the count. No election lawyer worth his salt is going near this. All he has is Guiliani, Schlapp and Richard Grenell.

    The BIG PSYOP is in your faces, but first you must step back and out of the dialectic
    Pretend you are actually a neutral observer.

    I know, that’s hard for me too. Intelligence requires it though. You can have all the brain power in the world but if you cannot get beyond polarity consciousness, you’re a fucking idiot.

    So this is what I see now, as of this morning. Agree to disagree if you must, we’ll see if I’m correct.

    The big psyop goes like this:

    Trump gets elected 2016, the battle with Hillary/ dems ensues. Nobody ever gained any ground, now did they. No big fish were ever even indicted. So 4 goddamn years later, they repeat many of the same election propaganda hijinks and the polarization of America gets much worse. The dems are the villains because they “protested” and did all kinds of other crap all year. They are the obvious losers..

    And their lame duck candidate, who couldn’t even get 1% of the rally numbers as Trump, ends up with more votes for his camp than any candidate in history. Just stupid on the face of it, but the media pretends its real and the liberals BELIEVE.

    The voter fraud meanwhile is across the board painfully obvious as well. Liberals double down with denial.

    The (silent) majority of Americans and beyond though will not fall for it. People have started crying for justice, and Trump will deliver.

    Trump and his team will win because the fraud will be easily proven. Trump’s base will go wild with hope.

    The psychotic dems will riot like they are prone to do, and generally go apeshis. Their dream of getting rid of the big D will be yanked from them just as they fully come to believe Biden will win. Trump’s victory will incite them to new levels of insanity, and possibly violence even worse than previously.

    The silent majority will cry for law and order!



    The democrats are playing their part. Trump and his followers play their part. The majority of the folks in this scenario are not conscious of the bigger picture and are being played, even the people in the intel agencies and mainstream media. They all buy into the narratives of their choice.
    People will overwhelmingly allow the NWO to manifest as this plan gets further down the road, and the banksters and tech billionaires will cash in.
    Meanwhile those same rich assholes funded and used both sides to get the results they ultimately wanted. Covid is the cherry on top of their plans, the fail-safe.

    The dialectic has never been more obvious.

    Heaven help us the world is so stupid.

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