Trump Campaign Urges Change in Debate Topics

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Donald Trump’s re-election campaign lashed out at the Commission on Presidential Debates about the topics and potential rule changes for the president’s final face-off against Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

In a two-page letter to the commission, Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien stopped short of threatening to withdraw from the Thursday debate but said the non-partisan commission’s “pro-Biden antics have turned the entire debate season into a fiasco.”

“For the good of campaign integrity and for the benefit of the American people, we urge you to rethink and reissue a set of topics, with an emphasis on foreign policy,” Stepien wrote in the letter, which was dated Monday and posted on his Twitter account.

The campaign chief said the topic list would “insulate Biden from his own history,” referring to allegations related to the foreign business dealings of the former vice president’s son, Hunter.

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  1. Corrupt debate committee will ignore the Hunter Biden emails. This is a 2nd coup attempt. All moderators are in the tank for racist con man Joe Biden.
    Don’t debate , Mr. President. You don’t need it…. huuuuge massive rallies, caravans and flotillas are stampeding all over the country. Landslide.

  2. the connection of Joe Biden with Ukraine’s Burisma and Cina deals MUST come out in the public for the American people to see the crimes – either thru the debate or any other way………………………….

  3. Argue if there is any topic. This world today has no mind for driving a theory on living.

    The Bible is accurate. We see cradles dear ignored while the drum for the illicit goes on.

    Giving Donald reality is nice. He shakes the olive branch with one hand and highlights the queers with the other. Maybe raising Cain is final. The road to bugging the rest of the dark body of trained shame is huge.

    Turn haste in. Open hunt grinding. This is the era.


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