Trump Challenges Biden to Drug Test Before Debate

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As the first presidential debate approaches, presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump has openly challenged President Joe Biden to undergo a drug test.

“Biden should have a cognitive test,” Trump asserted at his Las Vegas, Nevada, campaign rally, which was broadcast live in its entirety on Newsmax and the Newsmax2 streaming platform. “No. 1, they say it’s unconstitutional. That’s a good excuse. He should have a cognitive test.

“And before the debate in two weeks, he should take a drug test, because I’m willing to take one.”

The debate, scheduled for Thursday, June 27, will be a sit-down discussion between Trump and Biden, with moderators having the power to cut the microphones.

Trump pointed out that an 81-year-old Biden, the oldest person ever elected president, might need assistance to face him at the debate, hinting that Biden could be using performance-enhancing drugs.

“Remember when Joe said, ‘it’s great to be in Idaho,’ and he was in Iowa?” Trump quipped. “He always does that. If I ever did that, it would be over.

“They’d say, ‘that’s the end of his political career: He’s cognitively impaired.'”

Trump mentioned that during his presidency, he took a cognitive test amid media skepticism.

“You know, I had a second test, I aced it,” Trump stated. “I aced both of them. Not easy to ace.”

Trump ridiculed the idea that Biden was deemed too “incompetent” by special counsel Robert Hur to face trial over his handling of classified documents from his vice presidency.

“He was the dumbest person in the Senate, and he has been from day one,” Trump remarked. “How about this on the documents, they go after me for documents, and then they find out that Joe has 10 times the number of documents than me.

“I said, ‘you have to be kidding.’ And they released him. I said, ‘I don’t want to be released like that.’ They release him on the basis that he’s incompetent and he can’t stand trial.

“I said, ‘Oh, I see, so he can’t stand trial, so they’re not going to charge him on 50-years’ worth of classified documents.’ He’s incompetent and he won’t have to stand trial, but he’s allowed to run for president.

“He was never smart, but he wasn’t incompetent.”

Trump humorously noted that he did not want to avoid a trial in the midst of a presidential campaign by claiming “incompetence.”

“I don’t want to get off like that,” Trump said. “I did nothing wrong. It’s Presidential Records Act. I did nothing.”

Due to teleprompter malfunctions on Sunday, Trump spoke without one, suggesting Biden could not debate or speak as naturally and freely.

“You saw me in the White House, it was like war,” Trump said, highlighting the difference in media treatment between the two presidents. “What they do is they give the guy the question and the answer. They never did that with me. He’s reading the answers to questions. He’s calling [on] a reporter from NBC fake News, CBS fake news, CNN, ABC. They’re all pretty much the same.

“MSNBC is probably the worst, probably the most evil. They’re sick. These are sick people, but they’re all sort of the same.

“They’re all bad and they’re all very dishonest.”



    • Fauci is a tzaddik and saved thousands upon thousands of lives. It’s davka because of rodfim like you, that so many in our communities have died. Mask up!

  1. What makes dr. Anthony Fauci righteous he locked down in the entire country. Scared the wits out of them and people died from being nervous and then when the virus hit them their bodies couldn’t handle it.


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