Trump: Clinton Protected by ‘Rigged System’


At a Minnesota rally today, Donald Trump said Hillary Clinton is protected by a rigged system. He was perhaps referring to the FBI director’s statement released today that said that after a review of new emails, Clinton should not face charges.




  1. Davar Poshut

    They hate trump because he’ll come and fire all those corrupt officials who fill their pockets while citizens are left to die.

  2. How on earth can they totally ignore all of the obvious corruption coming from Clinton from the story of her made printing up emails that were classified to the department of justice getting in the way of an FBI investigation whether you find the specific issue of guilt is kind of irrelevant The bottom line is she has been shown to be corrupt and dishonest do I need an indictment for that

  3. Ridiculous.
    When Comey announced the investigation everyone thought he was the greatest thing since sliced bread and a tzaddik.
    Now that he has concluded that there is nothing worth an indictment, everyone thinks that he is now a horrible Rasha.
    Cut the double standard and the intellectual dishonesty.

  4. Double standard? Tell that to the sailor who took a few pics on his cellphone and got 1 year in the pokey for mishandling classified info she is a criminal but she will never get punished until she goes downstairs


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