Trump: Clinton Would Lead to WWIII


According to Donald Trump, electing Hillary Clinton president could lead to a third World War because of her plans for dealing with the Syrian civil war.

During a Tuesday foreign-policy interview with Reuters, the Republican presidential nominee said that the destruction of the Islamic State should be a higher priority than the United States’ long-stated goal of persuading Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to resign amid a bloody conflict against both rebels and ISIS militants. Trump insisted that Clinton would heighten tensions with a nuclear-armed Russia, via the Syrian conflict, and suggested her calls for a “no-fly zone” and “safe zones” for non-combatants would lead to direct conflict with Putin’s military. “What we should do is focus on ISIS. We should not be focusing on Syria,” he warned. “You’re going to end up in World War Three over Syria if we listen to Hillary Clinton. You’re not fighting Syria any more, you’re fighting Syria, Russia and Iran, all right? Russia is a nuclear country, but a country where the nukes work as opposed to other countries that talk.” Read more at REUTERS.


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