Trump: Decision on Prez Race by June


trump1Donald Trump said Wednesday that he’ll decide whether to run for president by June. The billionaire real estate mogul has for weeks been floating the idea of a bid for the GOP nomination to challenge President Barack Obama. Several media outlets reported earlier this week that Trump will announce his intentions following the current season of his NBC show, “The Apprentice,” which is set to end this spring.

Appearing on FOX News Wednesday, Trump acknowledged his interest in the White House and said he’ll end his flirtations with a decision by June. “I’m certainly thinking about it very seriously,” he told host Neil Cavuto.

Trump last fall denied having anything to do with a poll of New Hampshire Republicans asking a series of questions testing his name.



  1. Glenn Beck feels that whoever knows how to run a business, should know how to run the country. And if we can take anything from this, Donald Trump is a shrewd businessman and certainly did very well for himself….so …who knows…..maybe it’s a option.
    Today, you don’t need to know much about anything to run for office….obviously, we have someone in the White House that got elected based on what? What experience did he have to win so many votes….? So…at least we have ONE BIG SUCCESSFUL MOGUL WHO CERTAINLY KNOWS HOW TO GET WHAT HE WANTS. AND…if he should want to protect the country that gave him so many opportunities to make it in life and pay back….then…you never know….it may be just the right “innoculation” our country needs…
    In any case, ultimately…it’s all in the hands of Hashem..All our debates and arguments don’t mean a thing…whoever will run this country or any other for that matter….Hashem has a plan for us.. Never forget that. We just have to let things go and be mispallel for the country and for the Jewish People…


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