Trump Decries New York Politicians, Suggests Return To NYC

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Former President Donald Trump suggested in an interview that he may make a return to New York City, following Mayor Bill de Blasio’s term ending and former Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s resignation.

Trump, a born-and-raised New Yorker, in 2019 announced that he would be changing his permanent address to Palm Springs, Fla., according to Fox News. Trump alludes the move was due to the state of politics in New York at the time.

But with Cuomo now out of office and de Blasio’s term ending at the end of the year, Trump hinted that a return to his hometown could be possible.

“It was shocking what happened to Cuomo,” Trump said when asked if a return to New York City was on the horizon. “He was a strong governor — strong meaning he had pretty good control.”

But “that was a shocking event,” he added.

“And de Blasio goes down as probably the worst mayor in the history of our country, and that’s saying something because we have some really bad mayors right now,” Trump told Fox. “But he goes down as the worst mayor in the history of our country … What he has done to New York is unthinkable.”

“I have so many people coming up to me saying they moved to Florida, Texas, Tennessee, from New York — to North Carolina, South Carolina,” Trump stated. “He has been a horrible representative of this country and a horrible representative of New York.”

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