Trump Defends Calling Immigrants Assaulters


trumpFollowing the announcement that Macy’s cut ties with Donald Trump over his incendiary comments about Mexican immigrants, the Republican presidential contender defended his remarks Wednesday in a CNN interview.

NBC Universal and Univision have also dumped Trump after he called immigrants migrating to the U.S. abusers and “killers.”

Trump cited a Fusion article about assault among immigrants illegally crossing into the U.S., to which CNN’s Don Lemon corrected him that the article was about women being assaulted and not about criminals crossing the border.

“Well, somebody’s doing the [assaulting], Don. I mean somebody’s doing it,” he said. “Who’s doing the [assaulting]?”

Trump also said he was “surprised” that he came in at No. 2 in the latest CNN/ORC national poll behind Jeb Bush. Read more at CNN.

{Andy Newscenter}



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