Trump Demands: ‘STOP THE COUNT!’

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President Donald Trump is demanding a halt in vote counting in the presidential election.

His extraordinary demand to cease the vote count came in an all-uppercase Thursday morning tweet:: “STOP THE COUNT!”

He followed up with a second tweet expanding on his demand: “ANY VOTE THAT CAME IN AFTER ELECTION DAY WILL NOT BE COUNTED!”

The second tweet was labeld by Twitter as “disputed” and hidden from immediate view.

Elections are run by individual state, county and local governments. Trump’s public comments have no legal authority on the tallying of votes across the country, but his Twitter presence gives him with significant influence on public opinion.

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      • Yes I am part of the “fraud.” I sell sharpie pens and paper to cover the windows of ballot centers. Been making a killing lately. Too funny!
        I love it that everyone claims we must vote for someone because the Rabbonim said so but when those same Rabbonim tell us to filter our smartphones, shorten our wigs, tone down our simchos, vaccinate our children and stop talking in shul we shrug them off.
        Selective advice-following.

    • 2:41pm, it is you who is completely unhinged! It is you who is a disgrace! Besides, I seriously doubt that you are one of “us”. The contemporary socialist-fascist Democratic Party is completely intolerant of Torah observance and education; they will outlaw mila and shechita, shut down yeshivos, and destroy our neighborhoods. Hence, only a moiser would go against Trump in this election. Just go drink a bottle of bleach, you dumb looser.

      • As an avid Trump follower you should know better than to say something foolish like that. We don’t drink bleach – we inject it into our veins!

  1. If the counts were stopped now, and the current counts used, Biden would be elected with 270 electoral votes.

    But there are a lot more legal votes by legal voters cast legally that should be counted. Only dictators stop counts after elections when they know they are losing.

  2. Trump voters accuse Arizona poll workers of giving them a sharpie pen to thwart their vote, and election officials have responded
    The conspiracy theory caught fire on social media
    Supporters of President Donald Trump spread a rumor that their votes were being thwarted in Arizona by poll workers giving them a sharpie brand pen that would cancel their ballot, but election officials refuted the claims.
    Calling all Americans to take back our constitutional freedoms
    Matt Schlapp, the chairman of the American Conservative Union chairman, was among those spreading the theory on social media Wednesday.


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