Trump: Democrats Made NYC a ‘Ghost Town’

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During an exchange on the global coronavirus pandemic response, rejecting Joe Biden’s plans to lock down the economy, President Donald Trump lamented New York City has become a “ghost town.”

“If you go and look what has happened to New York? It’s a ghost town,” Trump said during the second and final debate in Nashville, Tennessee. “Take a look at what’s happening to New York. It’s dying.”

Trump also lamented the shutdowns are crushing businesses.

“Putting up plexiglass is unbelievable expensive, and it’s not the answer,” Trump added. “I mean, you’re going to sit there in a cubicle wrapped in plastic? These are businesses that are dying Joe, you can’t do that to people.”

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  1. stalin cuomo and debozo want new york’s economy and the whole unitred states to go down the drain trying to make biden the liar to win but it won’t work ‘cuz PRESIDENT TRUMP WILL LEAD AMERICA FOUR MORE YEARS

  2. but we’re stuck with these two incompetents – the mayor – 13 months and the governor till 2023 (unless NY re-elects him). No one is calling for special elections because this state is a rubber stamp democratic state. How Giuliani and Pataki won was nothing short of a miracle. Is anyone noticing that those running for mayor are just as bad or worse than the current one. Do you think a republican has any chance?? I am not so sure because the demographics have changed in this town. Look around and you see the millennials, the black and hispanic voter who is so brainwashed not like those minorities who are voting for this President.


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