Trump: Dems ‘Want Big Tax Increases’

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President Trump on Monday blasted Democrats for seeking “big tax increases” as Republican leaders scramble to gain enough support to pass the GOP tax reform bill before it reaches the Senate floor for a vote.

Democratic senators have blasted the proposal, saying it provides tax cuts for wealthy individuals and corporations while slashing tax breaks for the middle-class.


The GOP tax reform bill expected to come to the floor as early as this week. Read more at The Hill.



  1. I have the perfect solution. Whoever is a registered democrat should be forced to pay HIGHER taxes and those who are registered Republicans should pay LOWER taxes. That should teach those loudmouth dems a real lesson in economics.

  2. Think freedom. The taxes can cover need.

    Why a sane might would short change our infrastructure, history and spending is cold. Republican elephants have cold skin. A donkey is warm.

    Snuggle all you want. The democrats will keep you warm at night. An elephant can only beat you to the higher tree leaves to laugh the bananas are not stolen.

    Heard upon Sinai. Help treat greed with disdain. The super rich are not the benefit of each new sassy they give the free boat. Trump wants them to sail bay and sea in luxury luxury luxury. I won’t. Will you?

    Sad but the tusks are everyone’s envy. The donkey gets the load. Work day? Get a donkey. It gets the job done.



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