Trump Denies Netanyahu’s Claims That U.S. Embassy Will Move Within Year

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President Donald Trump said Wednesday that the U.S. Embassy in Israel won’t move to  within the next year, contradicting a statement made earlier in the day by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. T

rump said in an interview to Reuters that the embassy move would take longer than that. “By the end of the year? We’re talking about different scenarios,” Trump said, according to the news agency’s transcript. Read more at Ha’Aretz.






  1. It is called kick the can to the next president and all they have to do is take the plaque from the Embassy in Tel Aviv and move it to the consulate in Jerusalem and make the Embassy in Tel Aviv the consulate. If the new Embassy in Jerusalem needs an up date it would only cost a few hundred thousand and it will be up dated. US does not have to build a building like the one in London for millions of useless dollars and the one in London looks ridiculous for millions and millions of dollars. But no, anything to kick the can and waste money that is what government does best.


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