Trump Explains His ‘Stable Genius’ Tweet At Camp David

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Trump was asked by a reporter at Camp David on Saturday why he “felt the need” to tweet the early morning message that blasted doubts about his mental health. In the tweet, Trump referred to himself as “like, very smart.”

“Only because I went to the best colleges, or college,” Trump responded during the press conference, where he was flanked by GOP congressional leaders.

“I had a situation where I was a very excellent student, came out, made billions and billions of dollars, became one of the top business people, went to television and for 10 years was a tremendous success, which you’ve probably heard.”

“[And then I] ran for president one time and won, and then I hear this guy that does not know me, does not know me at all. By the way, did not interview me for three hours, it didn’t exist, OK? It’s in his imagination,” Trump said.


Read more at The Hill.



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