Trump Feels Unthreatened By Biden, Calls Him Weaker Opponent Than Hillary


In an Oval Office interview Thursday focusing on the 2020 election, President Trump warned his party in blunt terms not to abandon him even as he cast Hillary Clinton as a more formidable opponent than Joe Biden, despite Biden’s commanding lead in polls.

Trump portrayed Biden as a weaker candidate than Clinton. Clinton, Trump said, was “obviously smarter” than Biden. And after savaging Clinton for having “no stamina” in 2016, the president indicated he thought she had more energy than the 77-year-old Biden.

“I can tell you a lot about Hillary,” Trump said. “She had a lot of energy and she was smart.”

“We haven’t really seen the real Joe because they have him — they’re hiding him,” Trump said. Biden and his campaign say he’s acting responsibly and heeding the advice of public health experts.

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  1. All this nonsense is just to push time. There will be no presidential election this year as there are no candidates around to run.

  2. A lot has changed. Start with “main-in” voting (a.k.a. increased fraud). Then increasing censorship (of conservatives) on the “social media” sites (Trump took them by surprise the first time). And so forth.


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