Trump Gains In Florida Polls Despite Democrats Lead In Early Voting

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President Trump is leading for the first time in Florida polling, according to Real Clear Politics on Tuesday, even as Democrats lead in early voting.

According to the website’s average of polls, the president holds a slim 0.4 percent lead over Democratic nominee Joe Biden heading into next week’s election.

Nearly 2.7 million Democrats have already voted in the Sunshine State, just narrowly beating the nearly 2.4 million early voting Republicans.

Almost 1.3 million Floridians have submitted their vote without an affiliated party.

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  1. We have al pi kabalah that Democrats can only win by fraud. Since the CIA criminals have been coronavirused how in the world will they be able to win ever again?

    • Actually the Republicans have already created a fraudulent election in Florida by illegally disenfranchinsing hundreds of thousands of voters.

      Here is what made up the Real Clear Politics average, with the poll rating from 538 dot com:

      Florida Atlantic University, B/C rated: Biden +2
      Susquehanna, C rated: Trump +4
      YouGov, B rated: Biden +2
      St. Pete Polls, C rated: Biden +2
      Rasmussen, C+ rated: Trump +4

      Not a single high quality poll in the RCP average. The last high quality poll of Florida was October 10-12, Emerson College, which is A- rated. It had Biden +3.

      There have been high quality polls in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. Biden is up in the RCP average in WI by 7.8 (by +4 to +17 in the high quality polls), by 8.7 in MI (by +5 to +11 in the high quality polls), by 3.8 in PA (but by 5 to 8 in the high quality polls).

      • Well we finally got some high quality polls in Florida, released today.

        Marist, A+ rated: Biden +4 among likely voters
        Monmouth, A+ rated: Biden +6 among likely voters
        Quinnipiac, B+ rated: Biden +3 among likely voters


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