Trump: George W. Bush ‘Not Nice’ for Charging Vets $120,000 for Speech


George W. BushDonald Trump walloped George W. Bush with a verbal haymaker Thursday, slamming the former president for charging tens of thousands of dollars to speak to a group of severely wounded military veterans — soldiers he himself sent to war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“You mean George Bush sends our soldiers into combat, they are severely wounded, and then he wants $120,000 to make a boring speech to them?” the billionaire developer scolded in a message posted on Twitter.

The slam was seen as an indirect attack on George W.’s younger brother Jeb Bush, whom Trump is neck and neck in the polls with for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination.

As ABC News reported, Bush charged $100,000 to speak at a fundraiser for U.S. military veterans sponsored by Helping a Hero charity, a Texas-based charity. In addition, Bush was also given a private jet to travel to the event at a cost of $20,000.

ABC also reported that former First Lady Laura Bush commanded a $50,000 fee to appear before the veterans a year earlier.

A former official of Helping a Hero, which helps vets who have lost limbs and had other severe injuries get housing in special, told ABC that Bush had cut his usual fee of $250,000 down to $100,000.

“Jeb’s brother George insisted on a $100,000 fee and $20,000 for a private jet to speak at a charity for severely wounded vets. Not nice!” Trump said in another Tweet.

Trump and Jeb Bush have been engaged in a war of words over Trump’s remarks about many illegal immigrants crossing over from Mexico being criminals.

After Bush criticized Trump’s remarks, the developer fired back, saying Bush’s blast was fueled by the fact that he has a Mexican-American wife.

A number of war veterans are said to be dismayed at George W. Bush’s money grab.

“It is kind of a slap in the face,” former Marine Eddie Wright, whose hands were blown off during an attack in 2004 in Iraq, told ABC News. “For him to be paid to raise money for veterans that were wounded in combat under his orders, I don’t think that’s right.”

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